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The Project


Colorful Moms Resource Project is a non-funded project which mission is to assist mothers in becoming self-sufficient by motivational counseling, resourceful outreach, and promoting healthy living.  We want our mothers to understand hardship is a motivational tool to empower herself and can be manipulated to bring stability to life for herself and family.


Colorful Moms Resource Project runs workshops which themes topics of goal setting and motivation, healthy living, and financial coaching. All workshops are facilitated by professionals  who are specialized in the theme of the workshop. Workshops are tailored to assist mothers with the  knowledge and  resources needed to gain stability and healthy living. In addition to offering various workshops, social groups are scheduled  which gives mothers the ability to relate with one another, network, and gain valuable information.


The workshops will term through an average of 2 to 3 months which ultimately average 4 terms a year. Workshops are held 2 times a week covering various topics and objectives based on the project's  mission. Each workshop will rotate to engage the interest of the participants. Many topics will theme but not limited to,

         Setting Goals, Accomplishing, Rewarding, Hard Work

         Yoga (Vinyasa)

         Exercise: Zumba , Basic easy fitness workouts

         Nutrition:  healthy eating, quick healthy hands on recipes

         Financial education

         Mothers Pow Wow (open circle forum motherhood social)


After the mothers complete the series of workshops, set goals, and begin executing goal's road map to success; a small ceremony celebrating their accomplishments and honor their commitments will be giving. During the ceremony they will then be inducted into the Colorful Moms Sisterhood.


Colorful Moms Sisterhood:


Colorful Moms Sisterhood is made up of mothers who is empowered and committed to motivate themselves and family to accomplish goals, and live a more healthy and stable lives. The sisterhood will give each member the ability to uplift each other, network, build long lasting relationships, contribute our empowerment to the community, and gain excessive qualities that will contribute to life as a mother.


Colorful Moms will take advantage of

    Taking advantage of  the Support the Mission businesses

    Variety of the Sisterhood clubs

-     Book Club

-     Community Service

-     Mentoring

-     New  Sister Welcome

     Sisters outings

    Colorful Moms hosted events

    Empowerment travel

    Educational/Career Resources

    Themed playgroups for the children of  Colorful Moms Sisterhood

    Various workshops