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Goal Motivation

The goal cluster of the workshop series put an emphasizes on setting, maintaining, and achieving goals. The mothers will start out by acknowledging goals in which they want to achieve and how that goal will contribute to a positive transition for herself and family. Vision boards detailing the goal, the achieving process and tools needed to achieve will creatively be put together by each mom to understand the goals importance and the road map of the process. After, each mom acknowledges their goals and road map process they will be assisted with the resources and tools needed to achieve.

Workshop Descriptions

Goal Motivational

The goal motivational workshop sequence puts an emphasis on setting, maintaining and achieving goals. The mothers will start out by acknowledging goals in which they want to achieve and how the goal will contribute to a positive transition for her and family. Vision boards detailing the goal and road map to the goal will be creatively put together by each mom. After the vision boards are completed for the mothers keep, each mom will have the opportunity for resource guidance which will help them find the tools and resources needed to achieve the goal.

- Kimberly Mance; Motivational Coach, Motherhood Advocate


Yoga's aim is to reduce suffering and make life better, as is the aim of the Colorful Moms program. Through yoga, we are taught to observe what is happening in our minds and bodies without judgent and o use our breath and awareness as tools with which we calm ourselves. In the Colorful Moms yoga cluster, we will learn to do this by connecting breath with physical movement through various yoga poses in order to strengthen our body and mind in order to better manage life's daily stressors. The moms will be lead through a series of physical poses, some meditation, some spiritual talk- all with what can often be a chaotic life. The goal of yoga program is to help the moms feel an empowered sense of control over the mind and body so they can have more conscious choice and how they react in their lives.

- Valerie Shively; Colorful Moms Yoga Instructor 

Food Coach

Food coaching is very important to the community Colorful Moms service due to many families being unaware that taste and health can work in many nutritional meals. This workshop promotes healthy living, nutritional meals, and healthy food shopping. We encourage the mothers to always cook meals while keeping in mind the basic food groups and how many high sodium and sugar seasonings can be substituted for herbs, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Our goal is to have our participated families living healthier lives and not being faced with obesity and many other health obstacles that are dealt with from an unhealthy life style.

-Facilitator; TBA

Mother's Pow Wow

The open social is for mothers to come together and speak on various topics that pertains to a mothers's life from a mothers point of veiw. The objective for the open social is for mothers to have an opportunity to express and relate with one another on the trial, tribulations, yet joys of motherhood; while understanding no mother is alone. The social will help with advocating on many issues which we feel may make a difference.

-Kimberly Mance; Motherhood Advocate, Motivational Coach